'I Am A Camera' - 2015

Performance Preparation Academy has quickly become recognised as one of the UK’s leading institutes for exceptional performing arts training, with a strong emphasis made on employability and the needs of the profession delivered in a nurturing and supportive environment. Located in the heart of Guildford’s vibrant town centre in state-of-the-art facilities, PPA’s courses in both Musical Theatre and Acting for Stage and Screen offer a challenging, life affirming and inspirational vocational theatre training, where all students are valued as an individual and trained by a dedicated teaching faculty of highly experienced industry professionals. Celebrating its 10th Anniversary throughout 2018, PPA’s alumni have already made their mark within the entertainment world with numerous West End, UK & International Tours, Film & TV appearances to date.
Mission Statement

At PPA we will:

Develop a nurturing and supportive environment in which every single student is valued as an individual.

Focus on employability and the needs of the profession, so that PPA are able to offer relevant Musical Theatre and Acting for Stage and Screen courses driven by the changing industry.

Be a recognised contender amongst its competitors, offering the very best teaching across all disciplines.

Offer a fully-rounded training to allow our Acting and Musical Theatre training Graduates to be the best that they can be.


“PPA is a forward thinking establishment, continually looking to adapt and grow in order to furnish the students with the qualifications and work ethic to be versatile, employable members of the business and its many opportunities.”

Bonnie LangfordPatron

“I have always found PPA students to be exceptionally well grounded in not only the skills required for a successful career in theatre, but also the disciplines and working practices that in many cases only professional work experience can bring.”

Martin DoddManaging Director, UK Productions

“This place is certainly a school to look at!”

Paul Taylor-MillsArtistic Director, The Other Palace

“PPA constantly moves forward putting itself as a serious contender as one of the country's leading Theatre Schools.”

Jonathan KileyCasting Director, QDOS

“Still unsure what I saw today at PPA Showcase. Was it a West End musical or a college showcase?”

Benjamin NewsomeBenjamin Newsome Casting