Head of Academic Studies/HE Manager

Closing Date: 28/02/2019

Salary: £32-£35,000 experience dependent

Reporting to: Management Team, Course/Programmes Leaders

Main Purpose Of The Post

The Head of Studies is responsible for the administration of all academic aspects of the programmes,

ensuring that work is of a quality and standard appropriate to the college’s training and HE. Primary

responsibility for design and implementation of Quality Assurance systems and processes to ensure

that programmes are compliant with (or exceed) current QAA/HE/legislative guidance, by liaising

with our partner institution De Montfort University (validating body). As Head of Academic Studies

and Module Leader of Investigative Studies and PLS including Trinity examinations ATCL and ED+F

Officer (including ongoing learning support and LGBTQA)

The HE Manager is responsible for ensuring the high-quality curriculum and assessment delivery of

the Academy’s programmes and courses, in line with relevant standards and regulations. To create,

monitor and mentor a high-quality tutor roster, and pursue excellence and innovation in teaching

and learning. The HE Manager must be student focussed whilst meeting and exceeding the demands

from our University partner and other bodies. They will ensure that they represent the best interests

of the students on the programme and keep standards and Industry connectivity at the heart of the

operation at all times. The Education Manager will contribute to the creation and operation of a

detailed academic calendar and chair key academic committees as well as liaise with external

examiners and University link tutors.


Student body approximately 200.

16 full-time staff, 20 part-time staff, plus self-employed lecturers, guest teachers and other support


Academic Qualifications available:

BA (Hons) Performance in Musical Theatre (3 years)

BA (Hons) Acting for Stage and Screen (3 years)

Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre (3 years)

Foundation in Musical Theatre (1 year)

Foundation in Acting (1 year)

ATCL Teaching in performance – Theatre Arts (1-year bolt-on course)

Degree courses are validated by De Montfort University. Diploma and foundation courses are

facilitated by PPA.


Managing and teaching of investigative studies classes

• Responsible for all academic marking, portfolios, journals in Investigative Studies and also in

other modules by negotiation

• Responsible for briefing academic modules, supporting others, design and development of


• Organisation of academic readers, conferences, tedtalks@ppa, examinations, and theatre

events and schemes like personal tutors

• All assessments and External Examiner correspondence

• Any incentive competitions regular bulletins and management of study centre

• Enforcing academic protocol as DMU and DAQ guidelines

• Reading lists and line managing library officer and resources procurement

• Many other responsibilities that were intrinsically linked to PL and SMHE and difficult to


• Academic enrichment

Ensuring the implementation of agreed policies and procedures (as determined at

programme, Faculty and University levels)

On behalf of the programme management board and faculty committees have oversight of

arrangements for facilitating and responding to feedback on the programmes and its

constituent modules (from students, employers, external agencies etc.)

Overseeing the student handbooks are appropriate and correct and available for students

prior to the start of the session

Acting and reporting on identified quality improvement needs at programme level as


Liaising and advising where appropriate between the university and College marketing,

marketing the programmes (including outreach possibilities), so as to optimise the

promotion and applicant recruitment onto the programmes. This may include planning and

organising arrangements for the admission and induction of students who do not meet

points criteria and during clearance

In liaison with the Course Leaders and/or Module Leaders ensuring that all students within

the programme are provided with appropriate support; responsible for ensuring all students

have access to the Personal Tutor Scheme for example

Responsible for proposing and supporting the development of the Professional Mentoring

Scheme and nominated chair of the scheme, creating and developing appropriate

connections at the University and externally where appropriate

Liaise and advise on the arrangement of student reps for the college programmes

Liaising with the Course Leaders and/or Module Leaders or programme management board

chair to ensure that the students’ results for each module within the programmes are

available in a complete and accurate from for submission to the Examination Board by the

agreed deadlines

  • Liaising with Course Leaders representing the programme dealings with external agencies in

order to report back to the University. Liaising with Module Leaders/co-ordinators as



• Presenting new or updated module templates for authorisation by the programme

management board

• Reviewing module templates and proposing developments to the Course Leaders

• Ensuring the delivery of modules to students is in accordance with the approved module


• Evaluating, developing and proposing modifications to the modules

• Ensuring that the most appropriate teaching and learning methods recommendations and

conditions are adopted in the delivery of the modules

• Advising, supporting and liaising management and faculty to ensure that arrangements are

in place to monitor and address student attendance at those classes for which attendance is


• Advising and liaising in the co-ordination of issuing information on the modules to students

in line with University requirements

• Liaising with Course Leaders and senior management to ensure adequate support for

students is available both academically and pastorally

• Oversight of the production of module examination papers (if applicable) and academic

module handbooks

• Academic liaison with the external examiners either directly or through the programme

management board chair

• Ensuring that appropriate internal moderation procedures are in place for all elements of


• Overseeing that marks for assessment components are submitted within required deadlines

• Attending meetings of the programme management board

• Liaison where necessary with the Course Leader and/or Module Leader and other module

co-ordinators from the faculty


To comply with all relevant College policies and procedures.

In the context of College and personal development to carry out any other duties that are

commensurate with the post as directed by the Principal

To adhere to and actively support the College’s equality & diversity policies and their

implementation, including within any summative course review documentation and to

promote the College’s commitment to inclusivity regardless of race, nationality, gender,

wealth, religion or sexuality


Hours of Work – Based around a 35/40 hours per week over 5 days. However, due to the nature of

the role there will sometimes be a requirement to work additional evenings/weekends. There is no

overtime paid and no formal time off in lieu system.

Holidays – 20 days per year

Probation Period – Following the completion of a successful 3-month probationary period, the notice

period is one month on either side.

Pension – Eligible employees will be automatically enrolled in the National Employment Savings Trust

(NEST) in accordance with the company’s obligations under the Pensions Act 2008

£32 – £35,000 per annum, depending on experience – PAYE

Place of Employment – This post will be based at PPA Guildford

To apply please send a covering letter and CV to louise@ppacademy.co.uk