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One Year Musical Theatre Course

The One Year Musical Theatre Course at Performance Preparation Academy is a vocational, highly practical programme aimed at preparing you for the challenges and demands of a Three Year Professional Drama College Degree or Diploma, leading you towards a career in the Performing Arts. Many students are certain of the career pathway they wish to purse, but for various reasons, professionally or pastorally, may not be entirely ready to undertake a Three Year Course. The One Year Intensive in Musical Theatre, OYIMT for short, and affectionately known throughout the college as ‘The Foundies’, will help you fill in the gaps in your Musical Theatre knowledge in order to help you progress to the next stage of your training.

The focus is upon Singing, Dancing and Acting, together with broadening your understanding and experience of Musical Theatre in all its multifaceted forms, with constant reference to current industry standards and expectations.

The focus in the Autumn term will be upon getting to know you as a performer. You will be streamed in some of your classes to allow you to work at a level appropriate to your current level of ability in various disciplines and you will undertake tasks both as an individual and together as a year group to encourage you to work both independently and in a group, creatively and intellectually. 

Spring term will see you continuing to train and to learn, but with extra attention given to honing your repertoire and pick-up skills to prepare you to audition for the next stage of your training. The focus will at all times remain upon helping you to improve, and continuing your personal development.

In the Summer term, you will continue to train in your disciplines, but together we will work towards the ‘Foundie Finale’. This is your end of year show which your parents, friends and family can attend, and which will be reflective of the students we have on the course. The content will seek to challenge, enhance and display your progress to date.

At this point in the year, we celebrate with you your onward progression and seek, in your last term with us, to equip you to succeed at your chosen future institution or pathway, which may even be here with us at Performance Preparation Academy!

Best wishes,

Amanda Goldthorpe-Hall

Course Director – The One Year Intensive Musical Theatre Course