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A selection of questions you may find helpful

Why is this college ‘unique’?

PPA is a small family orientated college with an emphasis on pastoral care and individuality. Our 3 year acting, musical theatre training and foundation training courses are traditionally based within an acting conservatoire or university drama department. The acting and musical theatre training courses at PPA are the sole purpose of the college itself – Performance Preparation Academy.

We have the additional advantage of our students being enriched by constant course updates, industry professionals working on the courses, hands on patrons, and the most up to date training that can be offered. This not only enriches the day-to-day work within the college but encourages a lively correlation between the two arts – Acting and Musical Theatre. Perhaps, more importantly, this ‘mix’ of skills allows students to appreciate each other’s gifts and so develops a working relationship that can easily be developed beyond the bounds of college life.

What courses do you run and what qualifications are offered?

  • 1 Year Musical Theatre Intensive Course
  • 1 Year Acting Intensive Course
  • 3 Year Professional Diploma in Musical Theatre
  • 3 Year BA (Hons) Performance in Musical Theatre
  • 3 Year BA (Hons) Acting for Stage and Screen
  • Teaching Qualification in Theatre Arts through Trinity College London

What funding is available?


The degree courses may, subject to eligibility, be covered by Student Loan Company funding and maintenance loans and/or grants may be available. Student funding (and course designation by DMU) is subject to change and is reviewed on an annual basis. You must apply for the degree courses through our website audition system and also through UCAS using these links Musical Theatre or Acting for Stage and Screen.


We offer a number of scholarships each year to Musical Theatre and Acting diploma students for up to half of their fees. Students are invited to audition for these scholarships on the basis of their first audition.
PPA also have a pool of funds that we allocate to students each year in the form of part bursaries for training, based on audition and interview.
We reserve the right to offer funding at our own discretion and this can be offered to students on all courses.

Do you run Open Days?

We offer personal visits where you can have a tour around the college in action and ask any question you may have. Please email if you would like to book in. These tours will start from October each year.

Due to covid our 2021 open days have moved to Virtual Open days.  The information can be found on the website in What’s on, on social media and by emailing

How do I work out which course to apply for?

Please apply for the course you initially think you are most suited to, read all information on the website carefully before choosing. Do take into account age for foundation courses, as the 1 Year courses are a minimum age of 16. During your audition interview we will advise you on other courses if we feel they are more suited to you.

If you are interested in the degree courses you MUST apply through UCAS and through our Audition System on the website.  A place cannot be accepted on the degree unless the application has been offered through your UCAS Track.

What does a typical daily timetable look like?

Musical Theatre Courses
We concentrate an even third on all disciplines – acting, singing and dance. A typical day would consist of dance in the morning and acting and singing in the afternoon. Students do an average of 7 hours per day. All students also have tutorials throughout the week for singing, acting and pastoral.

Acting Training
The Acting for Stage and Screen 3 year course follows the same framework as the Musical Theatre replacing dance and singing with more in depth classes of voice, physical theatre and acting projects etc. The students do an average of 6 hours training per day with a maximum of 16 students per cohort.

Do you get personal singing tuition?

Yes, on the 3 year Professional Diploma in Musical Theatre and the BA (Hons) Performance in Musical Theatre courses, you will receive 1-2-1 singing tuition 30 minutes weekly during all terms.

What do we have to wear?

Upon acceptance of a place a Welcome Pack is issued with all uniform requirements. Students will be asked to wear specific dance attire for dance classes and then subject suitable attire during all other classes. Uniform is available to buy, and specific uniform for Ballet and dance classes are also available through our Welcome Pack system which are supplied through Ballet-Hoo based in Godalming. No jewellery to be worn for any classes.

Do you provide accommodation?

Students wishing to relocate during their studies at PPA will be assisted by the college. The college has great relationships with landlords and estate agents in Guildford and a good selection of houses, ensuring the accommodation process is as stress-free as possible.
For many students, this will be the first time living away from home – so we give as much support as we can.

When do the auditions usually start?

We begin auditioning in January for courses beginning the following September. We continue to audition regularly throughout the year until August.

What is your refund policy?

PPA is fully committed to delivering all aspects of the courses promised upon acceptance. Regular tutorials monitor each student’s progress and reports or assessments are completed after every term. This is designed to communicate each student’s development and reaffirm their aspirations moving forward. PPA makes no guarantees to the students but aids each individuals realistic aims. Therefore, we feel we follow this through and achieve our goals and consequently have a no refund policy. Should students leave before their course completion then we ask for a terms notice or fees in lieu for that term.

All deposits received on acceptance are classed as non-refundable and represent a commitment by the student to attending PPA and completing the relevant course.