This course, designed over 3 terms, is designed to enable students to achieve their potential as an actor at the start of their journey. In doing so it will give you the tools to continue your training in a three year degree or diploma course in the future.

The students will be introduced to and explore a range of methods and techniques that will free the actor’s imagination, voice and physicality.

Through working on both classical and contemporary texts the students will develop the beginnings of an acting technique encompassing both physical and psychological aspects of lifting the text off of the page and bringing a character to life.

First Term

In the first term you will work through and explore drama schools and their performance courses. You will look at each courses requirements, audition processes and course structures. This will enable you to make clear and concise choices as to which drama schools would be right for you and most likely successfully navigate the audition process.

Through classical text classes, acting technique classes and presentation classes you will ultimately find and bring to a performance level, at least, 3 classical and three modern monologues which you will be able to use in drama school auditions. You will be given guidance in audition technique, casting and which monologues are suitable.

In the first term you will also have classes in voice, improvisation, actors movement, actor’s dance, acting skills and physical skills. All of these disciplines are designed to free you as an actor physically and vocally and help to create a more holistic approach to your acting.

Second Term

This will ultimately be you audition term, so the focus will be on making sure each student is completely prepared for each of their auditions. Classes will continue in voice, acting technique, actor’s movement and audition technique. However the focus on audition techniques will switch to looking forward towards students second or even third round auditions. Looking at group audition techniques, confidence, and your mental and physical stamina in later rounds of auditions, which can last up to two days.

Third Term

Alongside your continued classes, we will prepare for your showcase. This will be a performance in our resident theatre – The Eve Lyons Studio Theatre, for your friends and family. This maybe a selection of devised work and monologues set to a theme or a published play. We then will see you graduate and move on to your preferred places of study, wherever they may be, with the skills and knowledge you have learnt in this intensive years course that will carry you through to your next stage of training and into the industry.


3 Year Professional Diploma in Acting for Stage and Screen

PPA’s Professional Diploma in Acting for Stage and Screen will give you all the skills necessary to become a professional actor. As a professional actor, you can’t rely on adrenalin or luck, you must know how to recreate your performance to the highest level, every single time that you give it. At PPA, you will discover how to do this, no small feat but one which, together, we can achieve.

You will develop a voice and a body, which allows you to assume a physicality that is different to your own and which is sustainable and safe to do for a long run. You will learn how to be free on stage and on screen, to be released and in the moment. You will learn how to approach a script to unlock it, to find the meaning within it and to share it with an audience. You will learn how to research, to explore, and to share your ideas clearly and concisely. You will learn the skills to tell stories, bravely and truthfully.

Your three years at PPA will serve you for the rest of your life. They will be demanding and will ask you to challenge yourself but they will also be massively exciting and rewarding too. You will be taught by a highly qualified and vibrant faculty, all of whom have all worked at the highest professional level In your third year will perform in two plays, a film and a West End showcase to give you the best possible chance to be seen by industry professionals.