Disability and Welfare Support at PPA


At PPA we take your welfare and SEND requirements very seriously. We recognise the difficulties and challenges you might face and want to reassure you that we have support measures in place to keep you safe and secure without feeling judged or smothered.

Before arriving to study we have an online form that you can fill in to advise us of any special educational needs. This form is sent directly to our Welfare team who will then contact you to discuss what support we can offer. If you are entitled to the Disability Student Allowance ( DSA ) we have our own recommended assessment centre- ‘Access’ who will be able to guide you through the process. Please see attached information.

Once you arrive at PPA we have a designated Welfare and Disability Officer who will meet you within your induction week and look at creating a suitable inclusion plan with reasonable adjustments if necessary. This information is kept entirely confidential and only disseminated to the appropriate staff. The Welfare and Disability Officer is available throughout the year to meet for half-hour sessions, however often you like, to talk about any issues you have regarding your studies.


If you are entitled to mentors or other DSA resources these can be arranged through Access and handled by the Welfare and Disability Officer please don’t hesitate to offer this information as soon as possible so we can help you to make the necessary arrangements.

If you have any concerns surrounding mental health these can either be highlighted via the online form in advance or in person at College via the Safeguarding Officers

Andrea Lowde – Principal or Lucy Stewart – Foundation Course Leader. A private and confidential meeting can be set up to discuss any special needs and if it is appropriate a referral to our College Counsellor can be arranged.

Please don’t struggle alone – we have the experience and knowledge to help you and want to ensure your PPA experience is as rounded as possible.

Please see more information from DSA here:


DSA Welcome Information